Snow blooms

My definition of “bloom” gets pretty loose this time of year and in order to participate in Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, I am not above breaking all the rules. Given that it’s the middle of January and we’re in New England, it’s perfectly acceptable – preferable even – to have snow instead of an abundance of flowers in the gardens. And isn’t the snowscape as pretty in its own quiet way as any full summer garden?

And of course we’re lucky to have a greenhouse full of interesting plants, some in bloom, some not. I highly recommend taking a moment to focus on any houseplants you may have, or visiting a greenhouse (ours is open) whenever your eyes start to glaze over from too much catalog reading. I find it helpful to groom and water and fuss with plants when the gajillion varieties of basil suddenly start to sound like they might all be exactly the same only different, and when I can’t decide between ‘Violet Jasper’ and ‘Chocolate Stripes’ tomatoes.

Clarity always comes to me. (The answer is: both, and…!)  Does touching plants help you make your winter decisions too?

For lists and pictures of what might actually be in bloom around the blogosphere, visit May Dreams Gardens.

6 thoughts on “Snow blooms

  1. Snow is very pretty when it’s all fluffy and pristine. Thanks for the greenhouse shots though. I see they are arranged very nicely together. Good idea!

    Susan, I was inspired to be a little more artful with the greenhouse plants after seeing the stunning conservatory at Tower Hill… I only hope I can keep it looking nicely arranged and pretty once we start cramming in seedlings and cuttings! -kris

  2. You have the snow same a us. I enjoy it though, but it is nice to see some color for GBBD. I never thought about going into the greenhouse. My little seedlings are in there now with loads of bloomers. You gave me an idea for February. Thanks for the shots from your greenhouse.

    Donna, this is the best time for showing off our indoor collections! (We practically forget we have them come spring.) -kris

  3. We’re snowy like this, too, Kris. This is the beautiful part of winter. But trips to the conservatory in Ft. Wayne and spending time in my own will help me get through until spring! I’m easily swayed by a pretty plant, so I generally only have a few that I try and find for the garden and the rest are impulse buys.

    Kylee, a belated congrats to you on your new conservatory – looks like it’s filled to the gills with blooms. I think you might be in less of a rush for spring now that you have that! -kris

  4. Oooo! The moon gate and clouds are extra special. You’ve inspired me to take all my houseplants to the bathtub for a rinse and a drench. We’re all looking forward to getting back outside in comfy temps.

    Lynn, Just this morning I noticed that I might be starting to acclimatize to the cold – no brain freeze! That said, I’m looking forward to not having to bundle up anymore. -kris

  5. It looks bright and sunny at the very least. Breathe in that moist air in the greenhouse and enjoy the greenery with the view outside. It does look like you have been cloud pruning around the rose garden.

    Thanks, Layanee. I hope you come by soon! -kris

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