Just in time for Freaky Friday and Valentine’s day (I love that these days are back to back this year), my favorite Tim Burton creation, the Witch hazel (Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’) has just begun unscrunching little paper heart shaped flowers.  I’m in love!  — I guess it doesn’t take much, especially this time of year.

Hamamelis x intermedia 'Diane' - see the hearts?

And in honor of Garden Bloggers Bloom Day even though it’s still days away, here are a few other bloomers from the greenhouse.  Please accept them as a special Valentine from all of us at Blithewold.  As (almost) always, hover over over for captions and click on for a dramatic display.

Nopalxochia ackermanii - no winter bloom day post is complete with one of theseEchevaria x hybrida 'The Rose' (Dasylirion in the background) Cimbidium orchid - it's been blooming for at least a month alreadyCamellia chandlerei - a perfect old fashioned Valentine

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!   (be mine?)

and have a wonderful extra long weekend full of hearts and flowers

Loropetalum 'Razzleberri' - a member of the Witch hazel familiy (Hamamelidaceae) zone 8

4 thoughts on “Hearts

  1. I am so glad your witch hazel is blooming! Isn’t she lovely. I completely forgot that Loropetalum was a relative of witch hazel! The flowers do look similar! A wonderful post! gail

    Thanks, Gail – I know, it’s about time, right?! Do you have Loropetalum in your garden? It makes a messy houseplant but I love it. -kris

  2. Oh lovely reds and hearts. I want a witch hazel! There are many at the Cornell arboretum, so I will have to appreciate theirs for a while. Thank for sharing the glory!

    Thanks, Lyn! Do you still have to wait a bit for Cornell’s witch hazels to bloom? They’ll come soon, I hope. -kris

  3. Your witch hazel is beautiful… Diane is one of my favorites. I am determined to find a spot for her somewhere in my garden this year. Hope your Valentine’s Day was wonderful!

    Thank you, Liisa! I love Diane too but there’s another I’m coveting called ‘Jelena’ with orange flowers… -kris

  4. You have witch hazel already? I am hopeful that mine will bloom in the next couple of weeks.

    Layanee, It was those warm days last week that coaxed them out! And now there’s snow in the forecast? yeesh. -kris

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