5 thoughts on “Greenhouse sweethearts

  1. I see you put in my favorite Kalanchoe! The Amaryllis looks a lot like Exotic Star.

    Susan, Thank you so much for your amaryllis guess! -Turns out, I think it’s one of Exotic Star’s parents, Hippeastrum papilio. Any chance you know the begonia with the heart shaped leaf?… -kris

  2. Makes me feel warm 🙂

    Lynn, I’ll bet you need some warmth right about now… Wish you could come over! -kris

  3. Divine! Happy V. day back to you! Lower right is…? Oxalis?

    Ginny, I should have mentioned that there are captions if you hover over with your mouse pointer. That is indeed Oxalis vulcanicola ‘Copper Glow’. Lovely little thing. -kris

  4. Oooh!!I see a gorgeous camellia! I planted one on my front garden with the tag promising that it is hardy in this zone!! So far it was alive after last winter, and seems to be hanging in there this winter! I’m excited to see if it actually thrives and booms!

    Jean, I’m going to pay more attention next time I walk the dog past your house – what a treat it will be to see a camellia in bloom! -kris

  5. Hard to tell what Begonia is from one leaf. It looks an angelwing hybrid. Maybe ‘Linda Dawn’ or ‘Hawaiian Sunset’? Poke around with an image search.

    Susan, that wasn’t fair giving you just one leaf, was it? But your guesses led me to Kartuz Greenhouses’ website – I had no idea they had so many begonias… I cruised until I found ‘Mirage’. Bingo! Thanks! -kris (one of these days I’ll take a picture of the whole plant – it’s a beaut.)

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