Gratuitous color for a black & white day

As much as I love and appreciate the meditative quiet of a good snow fall, we’ve had a lot of opportunity to meditate lately and I’m starting to feel a little restless. In order to shake off the calm I’ve turned the radio up high, shelved the picture-less books and am reveling in any bright colors I can find. I’m paying particular attention to the catalogs printed in full color on glossy stock and taking breaks for hits of high color in the greenhouse. I even ventured outside (briefly – brrr!) to find a bright spot out there.

Are you looking for bright colors right now too? Where are you finding them?

3 thoughts on “Gratuitous color for a black & white day

  1. Nope. Still enjoying the fact winter is forcing me to take it easy before I ramp up again into overactive spring gear.

    Susan, I’m definitely enjoying that part too… But I feel like I’m slowing down to a stop and I can’t do that. Must. Stay. Awake! -kris

  2. I am re-visiting other gardens via ‘armchair traveling’. What else can one do?

    Layanee, that’s the perfect thing to do especially if you can encourage the dogs to curl up next to you for warmth! -kris

  3. Kris, a ‘bird person’ told me that the robins we see now are from Canada. This is ‘south’ for them. Ourrobins will return in spring. Sally

    Hi Sally! I was wondering if these were our robins… but now I want to know how do they know these are Canadians? (Is it their accent?) -kris
    p.s. I’m going to paste your comment onto the other post in case anyone else is curious…

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