Bringing outside back inside

While the weather is still so mild and the nights still so warm, it feels decidedly premature to bring plants back into the greenhouse. I’d much rather keep enjoying all the color out in the garden. (So much color!) But the time is absolutely right. It’s much easier on the plants if they come in with enough time to acclimatize before we close the vents and turn the heat back on. – That’s particularly important for houseplants and advice I really should be following at home, come to think of it…

Over the last few days we have brought cart load after heavy-back-breaking cartload of container plants back inside along with dozens of tender perennial stock plants. We’ve pushed aside the office supplies and made a colossal mess of the potting shed – it’s always gratifying to use this room (where I sit as I type surrounded by muddy tracks of potting soil) for its primary purpose – and it’s been amazing to watch the greenhouse transform from an airy bare-bones space back into a garden. (Click on pictures for larger view.)

Our one consolation for losing the plants in the (outside) garden is that they all look just as beautiful inside. Actually, there’s something about bringing plants indoors that makes them seem extra precious and lovely somehow. So lovely in fact that we decided the greenhouse is too nice not to linger in. We hope we will still have room for the livingroom ensemble after our collection of phormiums comes inside…

Have you started bringing the garden back inside?

2 thoughts on “Bringing outside back inside

  1. Love the seating arrangement! Perfect spot to pause with a cup of tea. We’ve started to move things in too, but I’ve been waiting to dismantle the big mixed succulent planters; they have become more beautiful as the cooler night temps bring out fall hues.

    Kathy, I noticed that with our succulents too. So pretty! But in they came. (I’ve left the vents open so they’re still getting the benefit of these chilly nights…) -kris

  2. I do hope the living room ensemble can stay. I would like to sit and have a cup of tea during a snowstorm!

    Tree, I hope so too – and you know you’re welcome to come for tea anytime! But it might be a little chilly in there during a snowstorm… Alas the ensemble would only fit in the coldest house. -kris

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