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Camellia chandlereiHappy Valentine’s Day, everyone! A day early for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day, here are blooms galore (mostly from the greenhouse). Every day I work around plants that I want. I go around sometimes saying, “I want you. and you. and yes, you too … and you … and …” – I think you should tell your Valentines that you want them (every day) – even if they know they’re already yours!Hamamelis x intermedia ‘Arnold’s Promise’ 2-14-08 — just openingHamamelis x intermedia ‘Diane’ 2-14-08Forced branches - Forsythia and Flowering QuinceIris reticulata ‘Clairette’

Cymbidium orchid

Kalanchoe manginii

pink potted Camellia

Click on pictures for a larger view with caption or hover over for caption alone. Is the new font size better for everyone? (I’m not squinting nearly so much) Also, if you’ve been having trouble reading these posts using IE, that’s working better now too. Thank you, Scott (and thank you, Wiseacre for very constructive criticism – it’s always welcome here)!

6 thoughts on “Be mine

  1. Wonderful pix. I wish I knew how to do things with the computer like having the name appear when you hover, what a nice touch. It must be great to see all those lovely blooms all the time.

    Frances at Faire Garden

    Thanks, Frances! That cool picture thing is a plugin called lightbox – check it out! -kris

  2. To (sort of ) quote from a Queen song….I want them all…and I want them NOW! Such wonderful plants…and people wonder why I’m a plant addict? Great post, Kris, I’m going to be late with my GBBD post because of deadlines, but I still have time to read a few posts from others!

    Jodi, I haven’t made the rounds much lately but will look forward to seeing your blooms – whatever day you post them! -kris

  3. I want one of each, please. They are all wonderful blooms for bloom day! Wait, on second thought, give me two of the orchids, and thanks for the reminder that I should cut some Forythia branches for indoor forcing.

    Carol, Thank you again for hosting GBBD! That poor orchid used to live under the bench in the little greenhouse and one day I noticed it just blooming away! Now it’s up on top for admiration but the aphids have found it… -kris

  4. I’m wondering how “my” flowering quince is doing on Long Island. The property owner wasn’t a big fan but I get away with adding some of my favorite plants that just won’t work this far north. Like the forsythia both will grow but blooms are rare to say the least. Too bad it’s 400 miles away or I would have taken cuttings to force.

    That’s a major commute! Our quince is getting fatter but we’re still a ways away from outdoor bloom. Think I’ll force some more sticks next week and keep spring going in the greenhouse. I’d be happy to share them with you – I’ll take more pictures! -kris

  5. Hello!

    I love the kalancho mangini so much I had to track one down. They have them at Logee’s, but say they are best suited for a hanging plant. Yours appears to be in a regular pot. Is that so? What do you think?

    It looks similar to a “goldfish plant” that I bought a couple of years ago–adorable orange flowers that I haven’t seen since.

    Robin at Bumblebee

    Hi Robin! Our Kalanchoe is from Logee’s – and unless my memory is terrible that plant was a tiny cutting only a year ago. I can see why they say it’s a good hanger. Ours is in a regular pot sitting on the top tier of a stepped plant stand. I think they might have your goldfish plant (Nematanthus) – which has waxy/glossier leaves and flowers – at Logee’s too… -kris

  6. All gorgeous! Love the ‘Diane’ witchhazel.

    Thanks, Layanee! I can’t remember – do you have any witch hazels? ‘Diane’ is a must! -kris

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