8 degrees of fridgidation

Crabapple on iceI know a lot of you in the world are used to cold weather but this Bristol morning’s wicked cold temps felt remarkable to me! harbor boilAnd just to prove it, I took my camera to the water for a couple of shots of the harbor boil, rimy ice on the rocks and the wind that made me send my nose and faceparts scarfward. brrrrrr!!!! It was a fast, frozen fingers, fogged glasses walk back to the potting shed, I’m telling you!

ice darkened greenhouse

The greenhouse was covered in ice and the uninsulated potting shed windows were gorgeously glazed. Gail and I cranked the heat (to a balmy 62), leaned our elbows on the radiator next to the table and spent the whole day scheming and planning each garden, working our way across the property from the Rose Garden to the Rock Garden. Now that we have color ideas (no, we’re not stuck on orange this year – yet!) we’re ready to dive into catalogs starting tomorrow… ice painting on the potting shed window

4 thoughts on “8 degrees of fridgidation

  1. Brrrrrr, that looks pretty cold Kris but it’s good to know that you have the greenhouse to escape in. We had 2 days with frost but today it’s getting warmer again.

    A very happy and healthy 2008 to you and yours with lots of gardening and blogging fun!

  2. That’s the kind of frosted glass I wish I had. I’m going to have to do a little scheming myself. It’s time to build that greenhouse I’ve been taliking about. I just need to steal a little time from my “work” in the gardens.

  3. Yup, we had the frigid zone too…but tonight things have moderated except the wind is blowing again, and there are ‘flurries where winds blow onshore’…and we all know what that means! We could get a whole lot of inches of flurries….

  4. YE, We went from single digits to the mid 50’s today! We must have gotten your weather… Happy New Year to you too!

    Wiseacre, mmm… your own greenhouse – how dreamy! Beg, borrow, steal – whatever it takes, do it!

    Jodi, did you get a pile of flurries? My sinuses can’t keep up with our temperature yo-yo – but I can tell that it smells really good outside!

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