Plants are my favorite people

Papaver somniferum a.k.a P. paeoniflorum a.k.a Peony flowering poppyIt was Lilah’s suggestion when she first saw the sea of pink peony poppies (voted Most Flirtatious) in full bloom in the Cutting Garden that I do a Superlatives post. Since I spent high school trying to escape detection, I never properly appreciated the value of yearbook superlatives – “most popular” I was not; though I might have had a chance at “cheekiest”… Now I’m thrilled to participate in the voting and have added a post category to my list in anticipation of this being a new tradition. Without further ado I give you the winners for the month of June:

Biggest Gossip

Eschscholzia californica - California poppies

Eschscholzia californica (California poppy) has had everyone talking.

a three-way all-Echinacea tie for Most Likely to Succeed

Echinacea 'Sundown' with Rosa 'Ballerina' and KalimerisEchinacea purpurea 'virgin'Echinacea 'Green Envy'

We think that ‘Sundown’ will be a keeper in the North Garden for spanning the July gap. And ‘Virgin’ along with the long anticipated ‘Green Envy’ will always succeed with me.

Prettiest Smile

Dahlia 'Pale Tiger'

Dahlia ‘Pale Tiger’ brings out the gorgeous grin in all of us.

Class Clown

Calendula 'Antares Flashback'

There’s just something about Calendula ‘Antares Flashback’ that makes us a little giddy…

and Most Likely to Be Famous

our largest Giant Sequoia (Sequoiadendron giganteum)

Click here to see a recent post about our giant sequoia by Danielle Sherry, an associate editor at Fine Gardening Magazine!

Do you have any superlative winners in your garden?

7 thoughts on “Plants are my favorite people

  1. This was fun, Kris. Your “Most Likely” winners are all winners with me.

    Thanks, Pam – I’m glad they’ve gotten your vote too! -kris

  2. Dahlia for President!

    Something’s been eating your cabbages, though. Cabbage worm?

    Susan, You’re probably right about the cabbage worm – I’ve seen the butterfly… But to be honest I hardly noticed the damage – at least the bunnies have left some of them alone! -kris

  3. I like the Superlatives and just voted P. somniferum a big winner and one which I have yet to plant. Will have to talk to you about seed. Love the calendula also. Such a great companion plant.

    Layanee, Pretty soon we should have enough poppy seeds for everyone – but especially for you! -kris

  4. That dahlia pale tiger is gorgeous! We just got invited to a wedding at your place and I am now so excited to come visit — in October, but it will still be beautiful nonetheless.

    Rosemarie, October is a beautiful month in the gardens – Pale Tiger should still be going strong. (but fingers crossed that we won’t have had a frost!) -kris

  5. OMG AWESOME!!!!! And you have ‘Green Envy,’ which no high school could do without. fun 🙂

    Thanks, Lynn! (could ‘Green Envy’ be any more perfect? – I think not!) -kris

  6. love that Dahlia. I just saw my Calendula has bloomed over at the school. students come back on Monday… this is a good thing!

    Wayne, are you teaching your students about the bennies of calendula as a companion plant? -kris

  7. This is hilarious! I’ll need to have find the superlatives in my garden as well. Love these pics. Lived in North Kingstown for 4 years during my URI years – this is pre-gardening obsession, so never got to visit. 🙁

    Thanks, Wendy! – I’ll look forward to seeing your superlatives and maybe some day when you come back to visit the alma mater, you’ll make it over here too! -kris

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