Monster Plant Rally!

Sam Read and the towering teasels and cardoonsTUESDAY TUESDAY TUESDAY!! – MONSTER PLAAAAAAANTS! Get your tickets today!

It’s very possible that the heat and humidity of the last few days have caused my brain to crash but I’ve been overwhelmed and downright noisy about the supersize-me ginormousness of some of our plants :

Especially the lotus (Nelumbo ‘Mrs. Perry D. Slocum)

honey bees in the lotusfull scale lotus with leaves the size of tires

The lettuces (which we took out today and replaced with ornamental peppers)

Lettuces in the ellipse bed

The Teasel (Dipsacus fullonum)

tall teasel

Ligularia ‘The Rocket’ – I am more impressed by these than all of the bottle rockets over Bristol on the 4th – plus it’s quieter…

Ligularia ‘The Rocket’

A potted Burkheya purpurea (a what?) that we were sure was dead about 2 months ago

Burkheya purpura telescoping from its pot

And our “baby beast” orchid cactus (Nopalxochia ackermanii) was so overcome by its own hugeness that it fell right over.

fallen giant

Not only are a lot of the plants the size of Buicks but in the last couple of days, Lilah and I found nearly a dozen skyscraper weeds masquerading as desirable specimens! Does this ever happen to you? (Look at how proud Lilah is – I almost wonder if she let it grow on purpose…)

Lilah and the prize winning weed

The Monster Plant Rally will be ongoing – get your tickets at participating Blithewold Visitor Centers everywhere!



5 thoughts on “Monster Plant Rally!

  1. I love your writing. It is so honest and funny and readable. How do you do it? Do you struggle? It seems effortless which means it is absolutely not.

    Ginny – Thank you – that means so much to me! And you’re right: sometimes I do struggle a bit especially when my head takes the nap my body craves! But something about this place gets the words flowing… I know your garden gets your creative juices flowing too! -kris

  2. You are just jealous……No but seriously, this entry looks really wonderful because it shows off all of our beautiful monsters (myself included). Anyway seeing these pictures inspires me to come back tomorrow full of energy and eager to look for more monster plants …. and weeds. See you then my weed pulling cohort.

    Lilah, You have a gift – a monster seeking prowess. I value it highly (and of course am ever so slightly envious)! -kris

  3. I love the Lotus. And yes, I let a thistle get that big once. It was raining a lot & I was curious to see how big it would get.

    I’m glad to hear we’re not the only ones! -kris

  4. Kris- Just wanted to let you (in case you didn’t) know that the Berkheya is perfectly hardy; you needn’t necessarily grow it in a pot

    Ed, I was hoping you’d see our beauty! I had forgotten whether or not it was hardy (we have a tendency to play it safe with your plants) and I will release it from potted captivity toot sweet. Thanks! -kris

  5. Kris: ‘Trench’ manicure? Paws? I will be borrowing these terms in the future if that is okay! Still chuckling. I do have monster weeds here masquerading as specimens. Can you send Lilah over? Lilah, please come over here!

    Layanee, I’ll send Lilah over as soon as she’s done at my house! Thank you for your post (everybody click here to see Blithewold – and my paws avec trench mani – through Layanee’s eyes!) -kris

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