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The Rock Garden SoireeIn a comment on my last post, a good friend of mine spoke (rather eloquently, I thought) about a dreamy, Gazing at the Rock Garden during The Rock Garden Soireedifferent sort of world than the one we inhabit now. He said, “i envision a world in which … everything in the form of entertainment comes from real people right in front of you, and communication might be slower than it is now, but more effective, and everyone smiles more …” (Brendan’s comment, in its entirety, is a click away at the end of my last post). By all accounts the Rock Garden Soiree was the kind of evening that offered a glimpse into that beautiful world. Marjorie Jeffries played her own compositions on the flute while people soaked up falling light in the garden, sipped wine and enjoyed eachother’s company. The McCoy’s on a rock at the Rock Garden SoireeThe evening was a perfect topping to a variable New England day – the threatening rain gave way to clear, mosquito-less skies, a breeze for the Wednesday night yacht race in Bristol harbor Watching the yacht race at the Rock Garden Soireeand that perfect balance of humidity that probably made everyone’s hair look just right. I wasn’t there but Gail took the pictures of gorgeous people enjoying a gorgeous evening. The next Soiree will be in the North Garden on July 11. Let’s go!

The lecture tent at the Newport Flower Show held at Rosecliff in Newport, RIGail and I were “real people” entertainment today at the Newport Flower Show – allowing us another glimpse of a beautiful world… We gave a tag-team demonstration on how to create a terrarium (a beautiful mini-world) in front of about 70 people. (There was only one mic so instead of just finishing Gail’s sentences, I had to come up with a whole bunch of my own! It was kinda fun! –I was actually too exhausted to be my usual terrified…). Our newest terrariumThis is a peek at the demo terrarium I made with the most adorable begonia! (I think it might have to live at my house for awhile – I’m sure there’s no room for it here…!)

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  1. Kris: What a lovely post and Gail did a great job on the pictures! Is anyone invited to the soiree on July 11th? Also, I have never yet been to the Newport Flower Show! What did you think? It is a wonderful setting. I just wish that they had actual gardens set up instead of just flower arrangements! I hear they have an interesting marketplace. Beautiful terrarium! Loved Brendan’s words and thoughts on how life should be. I think it is just like that in the ‘garden blog’ world! All supportive of one another and the gardening efforts!

  2. Thanks, Layanee – Gail is the best photographer – practically a professional!
    Everyone is cordially invited to Soirees! It’s $15 for individuals, or $25 per couple. Reservations are required so that we can be sure to have enough wine and cheese. Go to http://www.blithewold.org/events-specialevents.htm for more info! See you there?
    And I wonder if you made it down to the Newport Flower Show? It really is just that – a flower show! The horticultural entries are gorgeous and although I didn’t make it inside to look at the floral arrangements, they’re usually over-the-top!

  3. i am almost afraid to comment now. noone is supposed to test things that seem just too good to be true, but dare i say the comment on sunscreen turned into at least two days requiring one tube each? should you be letting me know when to make comments including words such as rain, wind, automatic weeding robots that appear from the sky…maybe this garden blog could turn into some sort of secret vortex in which we reclaim control of the weather from dick cheney…i could keep going, so i will just say this: i will get to b-wold as sooooon as i can!

  4. Afraid to comment, Brendan?! Come on now – don’t be shy! See you soooooon!

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