Habitat for Fairies

a fairy farm with a garden and stablesFairies need decent affordable housing too! Yesterday a group of dedicated and skilled laborers built a new fairy community on a Blithewold subdivision. The houses were constructed of green material and fit beautifully into the landscape – this was a very environmentally conscious endeavor! I took a walk down this morning to see how the fairies were settling in but oaf that I am, I must have frightened them because the place was fairyly deserted. I didn’t think they’d mind though if I took a little look around…

26 Godmother Lane33 Magic Rd.8 Tinkerbell St.

44 Nymph Rd.4 Dust Ave.140 Lost Boys Drive

a fairy duplex7 Wishes Ct.9 Sprites St.

Looks like I disturbed breakfast… Sorry!breakfast of fairy champions

Clap your hands if you believe! (and don’t you all just want to go right out and build a new house for your resident fairy?!)Rosa ‘The Fairy’

To see more pictures of Fairy Magic in the Garden and the building crew at the constuction site click here(photos of the kids with their houses by Gail Read)

10 thoughts on “Habitat for Fairies

  1. reminds me of where i grew up…NOT!!!! =)

    i hope that the creation of this blog installment provided hours of laughter, whether alone, or amongst others. it was sort of hillarious to slowly scroll my mouse pointer across the photos and read the photo titles that show up. i sort of felt as if i was on a guided tour! i also questioned my masculinity for a split second as i laughed. i’m sure if someone asked me what was so funny i would have slammed my computer shut and said “what? oh! uuhhhh…nothing! why?!?!” kudos for krafty kreativity, kris.

    hey kris, check out http://www.myspace.com/lowanthem

    they have a new album and a cd release coming up at as220, providence.

  2. I clapped my hands, I believe! Those fairies are sly and quick and hard to catch a glimpse of, but sometimes things happen in the garden and you just KNOW it was done by the garden fairies. I’ve planted a whole miniature garden for them, but the only creature I ever see there is a toad. Those are great fairy houses at Blithewold! Keep looking, you might catch sight of one yet.

    Carol at May Dreams Gardens

  3. Kim, It was all I could do to not help myself to a second breakfast – but I’m not Goldilocks!

    Brendan, I hope the answer to your masculinity question was “real men believe in fairies!” Thanks for the Low Anthem link – they sound like they might know a thing or two about fairy gardens too and we should go to the show.

    Carol, I suspect your toad is a fairy made manifest!

  4. Too cute for words! Love that breakfast pic. BTW if you need fairy tomatoes come to Bliss, we’re happy to provide with you them and we have the right coffee set too. :-)

  5. Oh THIs is fun, Kris! I am not sure where our fairies are living, but probably in the gnarly, decrepit birch in the front yard. I refuse to let my other half cut this tree down, content to put climbing plants around it–don’t want to disturb the fairies or toads or other garden darlings, do we???? :-)

  6. Your blog has been recommended to me to be added to the Garden Voices page on GardenWeb. I like to have the authors’ permission before adding blogs. Please email me and let me know if you would like to be added to the site.

  7. Yolanda, Thank you! I wonder if fairies get frequent flier miles? – I’ll bet the Netherlands are already on their route because of such gracious offerings!

    Jodi, Gardeners can be naturalists too! (hooray for garden darlings!)

    and OldRoses, In case my e-mail goes astray — yes please! and Thank You!

  8. Oh my gawsh!!!! I LOOVVED this so much. I have always believed, I have SEEN when I was young and I WILL run right out and build my fairies a home. I would be honored if my endeavor impresses them enough that they find it a fitting place to dwell. Thank you for this site, I thoroughly enjoyed it and will return often!

  9. Oh wow!
    That is so AMAZING!
    I loved all the little houses.
    My favorite one was Godmother Lane and Lost Boys Drive.
    The breakfast was adorable .
    I cant wait to go build my own houses for the faeries I know are fluttering around my garden :3

    Crystal, I’m glad you found this post and that it inspired you – Happy building! -kris

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