I dig election day

I will also pitch, shred, and rake on election day.  The morning is gloriously warm and delicately sunny but I woke up tense and nervous and am still having trouble relaxing.  I won’t be able to head to my favorite polling station until much later so until then my remedy will be to throw myself heart and soul into the garden.  For anyone else suffering as I am, I would also recommend a long walk away from TVs, computers and radios and towards the sounds of crows and crisp leaves and the scent of cinnamon fern.

We’ve still got gardens to put to bed – the last of the dahlias came out yesterday and we’ll work on taking out more melted annuals from the Display Garden beds today.  Yesterday too, Fred and Dan brought me a beautiful pile of dry leaves – twig and dog poo free! – to shred.  I can think of no better way to clear my mind than to hurl leaves into a noisy shredder.  I know that I won’t be able to really rest easily until I can cast my vote but I hope at least I’ll be too exhausted to still feel the nervous jitters.

What do you still have to do in the garden?  And what will you do to relax today?

Go vote!

2 thoughts on “I dig election day

  1. So much still to do! Many bulbs are now planted but there are a few left. All the containers are still to be brought in and I have leaves everywhere. I think I’ll take a nap! I did vote though and I think it would be good to go to the movies tonight.

    Layanee, a nap sounds about right. – You planted a lot of bulbs! -kris

  2. Okay, I’m drooling over that cinnamon fern! We carried them at the garden center, but it’s my understanding that they enjoy a lot more moisture than I am willing to give one… unless, of course, it magically morphs into something that will give me real culinary cinnamon! 😉 (When I do water in the garden, it’s the edible plants that benefit!)

    Kim, To be honest, I’m not even sure it was the cinnamon fern casting the spicy scent in the Water Garden (yes, they like to be kept on the moist side) – but with a name like cinnamon …! -kris

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