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Forsythia 4-14-08I think gardeners as a rule don’t beat around the bush. We’re more likely to dish the dirt. And what’s the point of sugar coating when our world is already so delicious? I haven’t yet met a gardener who isn’t vociferously opinionated and fickle as a five year old. And it takes one to know one! We have to have a clear idea of what we like in order to find focus in our gardens – nevermind that what we like changes with the season if not daily. And although we tend to be grounded and realistic about what we can accomplish, we definitely shoot for the moon sometimes. Daff cam 4-14-08A gentleman came into the greenhouse today and cheerfully told me that he planted 200 daffodils last fall and only 3 came up. I’d guess that like most gardeners I know, he was braced for failure the moment he planted those bulbs and has already moved on to the next thing – which happened to be a meander through our efforts. (Or, like most gardeners, he tells a good story.) And don’t we love to share?

Daffydills in my drivewayWe want to tell the absolute sugar-free truth about our gardens and enjoy nothing better than comparing notes. What do you love today? I can tell you that daffodils aren’t my personal favorite flower. Except that they absolutely are. I especially love this one at my house which I’m almost as proud of as the thousands blooming today in the Bosquet. But I’m also head over heels in love with all of the other things that are blooming today – like the flowers on the Camperdown Elm (Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’).

Ulmus glabra ‘Camperdownii’ - Camperdown Elm

I’ll show more of my fickle favorites tomorrow for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day which falls on the 15th of every month. I met another gardener today and when I asked her if this was her first visit to Blithewold she said, “Yes – but it’s not my last!” No beating around the bush – and no doubt she’ll have different faves and raves next time too.

The weather this past weekend wasn’t as awful as predicted and steamy sun on Saturday unfolded more daffodils in the Bosquet. And with sunny days in the forecast for this vacation week, we’re likely to get pretty close to full disclosure. I’ll keep telling it like it is! (But don’t take my word for it – come see for yourself)

4 thoughts on “Tell it like it is

  1. I darn I forgot about Bloom Day *smacks forehead*

    Today’s love was ‘Fiesta’ Forsythia. It is a small variegated form that was just blooming its head off in less than desirable soil conditions. A back light Daffodil also provided a nice moment. Not sure what tomorrow will bring as everything is fast and furious now.

    Could you tell what kind of camera you are using? I have been enjoying your pictures.

    D.F., that forsythia sounds adorable – I’ll be over to see if you have pictures up. And thank you for your compliment (huge honor coming from a pro!). Since the new year I’ve been using a Canon digital rebel xti with the stock lens (18-70 something mm is it?) and before that I mostly used my trusty tiny Canon powershot sd300. What do you use? -kris

  2. Great post, Kris. Right now, I’d happily embrace any blossoms outside–even chickweed and ground ivy! (I LOVE dandelions, but not chickweed or Glechoma). Must put coat and boots and MITTENs on and go out to photo my few little blossom offerings for GBBD, too.

    Jodi, I’m with you (although we’re working in shirt-sleeve weather here) and loving every little thing. I’ll be over to look at your bloom day photos soon! -kris

  3. kris,

    Thanks for the response. I really like Nikon cameras. I use a D70s with a 60mm macro lens. I have a few other lenses but the Micro-Nikkor is my favorite. I also have a couple of different Coolpix Nikon Compact cameras, a 5400 and 8400. I like to call them compact cameras since they are fully capable of running on manual settings. There is a heck of lot more to them then point and shoot.

    Your pictures always tell a nice story.

    I did debate about buying a Nikon which is what my old 35mm slr is… and your pictures are so good I wonder if I made the right choice. I’m not always happy about the color… ah well. It’ll be years before I’m in the market for another – I hope! -kris

  4. Great post. We gardeners do tell it like it is and change our favorites with each new flower that blooms. I don’t much like daffodils either, but I love the ones in my garden!

    Thanks, Carol! There’s nothing like owning a plant to make you love it to bits – I think it must be some kind of parental instinct. Though in my garden at home, I seem to own things like bittersweet and I have no love at all for that obnoxious step-child… -kris

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