What’s the buzz?

I was crouching on the pond bank at 8:00 this morning trying to get a frog shot (cute little guy, isn’t he? A pre-teen, I would guess, in that awkward phase between polliwog and voting age) when I became aware of a hum over my head. The Button bush (Cephalanthus occidentalis) was already full of […]

I went to my happy place

It’s important sometimes to go someplace else when unpleasant things are happening. Yesterday I was in the dentist’s chair and while my dentist leaned on my lower lip and reached fists and sharp things into my mouth parts, I did my darnedest to go back to work. (How lucky am I that one of my […]

Coming attractions

The guys have just about finished with “phase 1” of the Display Garden redesign. Gail and I really didn’t know how they were going to deal with a tricky grading issue in the last bed (the last new bed for this season – more later!) and only got half a clue of what they were […]

Photo Op

I couldn’t resist a couple of pictures today — Here’s Augustus Van Wribbit kicking back on the lotus. Earlier this week, I falsely accused Gus-Gus of dining on one of the new fish but Milo, Edwin and Gracie are all present and accounted for. Gail pointed out the Halesia to me this morning (I had […]