The eventfulness of time

Maybe it’s the influence of living through the hoopla surrounding the 4th of July in Bristol, RI (home of the longest running – and longest marching – 4th of July parade in the country) but it seems like life is eventful at the moment.

Last Friday Gail and I celebrated the last hurdle hurdled before our July 4th week got-to-get-the-gardens-in deadline by a marathon planting of the newest Display Garden bed. Even though we were still tucking things in today, it feels like a major event to be officially finished planting!

Placing the kid’s bed - did we really plant all that?I guess we did plant it all - and then some!

The house grows out of the meadow that surrounds it.After finishing that on Friday (and after scraping the most of the dirt from my fingernails and elbow wrinkles) I tagged along to the last garden in Blithewold’s Intimate Garden Tour Series. Our hosts welcomed the group with open arms and showed us what it means to actually live within the landscape – this was no mere garden! I loved this outside inside outside bathroom!  Can you imagine??(Not that I’m dissing mere gardens – I, myself have one of those.) I have to say honestly that I didn’t expect to covet the house or even the property – 40 acres along a branch of the Westport River (erm, why wouldn’t I want that?). The house is ultra moderne but so site specific – it was designed and built for exactly that spot, no other – and really blurred the boundaries between inside and out which is what they were going for. It works in the dreamiest way possible. One of the couple is a landscape architect and rather than build things like a lot LAs do, he talked about “editing” the landscape. Sure there were elements they added but most of their touch was felt in care-full revealing of views. Sublime and sweet and magnificent all at once and although I can’t bring much of what they did “home” with me, I feel richer for seeing how elegantly it can be done. I’m only sorry that this was the last tour of the season and can’t encourage you to join the group for the next one.

What a place to sit and gaze out…another meadow viewand another meadow view avec stone wall

I can encourage you to join us for Blithewold’s evening soirées – the next one is in the North Garden on July 16th – click here for details. That same week the Rhode Island Federation of Garden Clubs is presenting a flower show at Blithewold. Their gala is on July 17th and the show is open on the 18th and 19th. I haven’t found any information on line about how to or whether you can enter your own arrangements and horticultural specimens (and win as many blue ribbons as possible) so if you’re interested in finding out more, ask your favorite garden club member. Meanwhile, I’ll do the same and hopefully have more to tell you about it next time…


Seeing this fellow (and many others) in the last of the shredded leaf pile was eventful for the volunteers and me this morning. Anyone know what it’s going to grow up to be?

mystery mega-grub

Finally the most major event in my recent days is a visit from none other than the famous and favorite Layanee of Ledge and Gardens! Thank you for the strawberries and I hope the sweet peas made the long ride home without wilting!

Layanee’s feet!  (to prove she was here)

4 thoughts on “The eventfulness of time

  1. Kris: The honor and privilege of visiting Blithewold was all mine and you and your beautiful gardens were the highlight of my day! Did I mention how much I liked the kids’ garden and the newly planted beds? What a lot of work and perfection achieved! I love the garden tour of the modernistic garden you just took us to visit. What could be better than that view from the comfy chairs shown? I had a cup and some water in the car for the sweet peas ride home! The fragrance was and is heavenly and I doubt I will smell sweet peas again without thoughts of the kind and talented horticulturists at Blithewold. LOL at the above picture! My feet really ARE my best feature! ‘Til next time…

    Layanee, I’ll give you that your feet are your most decorative feature! I’m so glad I didn’t miss your visit this time but Gail and Fred will be sorry they did. I’m glad you liked the sweet peas – I hope they lasted longer than the strawberries! – Gone in a flash! -kris

  2. This does seem like the time of year when we have to “finish it up”, so to speak. That last rush of planting and maybe re-planting if we didn’t like where we planted something in the first place.

    It’s nice to see Layanee’s feet, at least!

    Carol, After planting more yesterday (to replace some early season annuals in the Rock Garden) I feel like we’re never really done! And I wish I had known that Layanee was going public on her blog because I would have taken a picture of the gorgeous rest of her! -kris

  3. What a fantastic post! I love that garden you visited (almost as much as the Blithewold gardens). So much to inspire me. Thanks for the wonderful photographs and captions.

    Thank you, Jared! I hope to be spending some time (virtually that is) at Pleasant Hill this weekend – inspiration works both ways. -kris

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