An Eventful Day

Jerusalem artichoke (Helianthus tuberosus)It’s hard to compete with a street fair, a Touch-a-Truck (“some had air horns!” said one kiddo I know), a nearby harvest festival with do-it-yourself scarecrows, a working waterfront festival a few towns over and a gorgeous warm breezy sunny day that made being out on the water requisite for anyone with access to a boat — BUT Blithewold’s Fall Gardener’s Day was where the gardeners were. I was hoping to meet fellow bloggers and readers but alas you attended incognito and in spirit – those who were here must have caught my shy bug — it’s going around… I was even going to take a guess-who shoe portrait! (If you look really closely, you can see the hazy outlines of at least a dozen pairs of feet who were nearly here – and guess who?!) blogger mini-meet-up portrait - wish you were here!

Most of my day I bounced from the Blithewold plant sale table (where I was camped to sell begonias, clivias, figs and other greenhouse babies) to the other vendors’ booths where I spent considerably more than I earned that day! I caught snippets of lectures and eavesdropped on rave reviews. By the sound of it Andrew Grossman had everyone rethinking their garden design, Lisa Gibson McMahon sent everyone home with beyond-frost salad starts and Barney Webster spawned a few water gardener wanna-bees. And everyone learned something new from flower drying and arranging, fall container planting, and pruning, to what will change for gardeners as the climate changes. Barney Webster from Nelumbo Water Gardens at Fall Gardener’s Day

Fred teaches proper pruning

Just because Fall Gardener’s Day is behind us (and ahead – mark your 2008 calendar) doesn’t mean we’re done showing off the garden – the kaleidoscope continues! And Jake (who answers to many other names) has appointed himself cutest greeter – can you stand it?! Jake over the moon(gate)

8 thoughts on “An Eventful Day

  1. I KNEW I should have waited and visited during Gardeners Day. It seems like I missed a great event (and shoe photo op.) Hilarious photo of Jake on the gate!!!

  2. Kris: Ok, I will NOT miss it next year! Those are Caroline’s shoes aren’t they!!! Wish mine were in the picture also!

  3. Caroline and Layanee – I’m just glad you visited – no matter what day! (There’s always FGD next year!) Good guess on the shoes, Layanee but no cigar – c’est moi! And Caroline, I think Jake’s full name is Jacob vanHercules Moonmuffin.

  4. LOL, well Kris perhaps gardeners are more shy than the average person? Who knows? 😉

    It looks like you had a fun day anyway. It’s a pity Blithewold is slightly too far away for me otherwise I’d have come and you could have taken a pic of my very fashionable garden shoes. I think Layanee would have guessed correctly that those were mine straight away. 🙂

  5. looks great! i’m sure those truck-touchers are sorry… how can they compete with that greeter you’ve got??

  6. Jake, or Vanessa, is a wonderful greeter… knows just where to be to ensure he doesn’t miss a thing. It sounds as if you had a great day. I would have enjoyed hearing the talks and would have gone home with an armful of new plants.

  7. YE – I think you win the prize for greatest distance from Bwold and trying to lure you here will be my greatest challenge! But I’m so glad you virtually visit!

    Bright – If they’d have only known! I need to get the word out about Jake van Kittenpants and all the cuteness…

    Heather, Don’t feel badly – just come on up when it works!

    Kate, I have to admit that the armfuls of new plants that I took home Saturday make me so happy! (My sorry little garden at home has been waiting patiently weedy in the bare patches for a good round of fall planting!)

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