All Points Bulletin!

The lotus fountain in the North Garden

We noticed yesterday that one of our favorite fountain features was stolen and we are all sick about it. The copper Art Nouveau urn with a lotus motif was purchased for the original North Garden in 1908.

We are offering a $500 reward for information leading to its return so please keep your eyes peeled! – Click on the images for a larger view, etch its shape into your memory and help us scan for it in antiques shops, rummage sales, your neighbor’s garden, scrap yards, Ebay… so that it might come back to where it once belonged.

Stolen lotus fountain

8 thoughts on “All Points Bulletin!

  1. Unbelievable, that makes me sick! I never could understand why people steal!

    I don’t get it either. I really don’t. -kris

  2. I’m publishing this post in its entirety on Garden Voices. I will be away most of the weekend and won’t be updating again. So your post, at the top of the page, will remain there for a few days. I hope this helps to get the word out.

    As a volunteer at Rutgers Gardens, I am constantly appalled at the way visitors feel that they can just help themselves to anything that’s not nailed down.

    OldRoses, Thank you very much for the publicity. It’s a shame. Public gardens are so vulnerable. -kris

  3. Oh my… that is absolutely terrible, Kris! Here’s another thing to feel sick about, not because I want to make you feel that way but because you might want to call your local scrapyards and let them know about what’s missing: Around here, people steal copper ornaments, gutters, and even plumbing out of the walls of empty houses to sell for scrap. Seriously. If that urn is completely copper, it would probably bring a whole lot at a scrapyard, and so it’s worth checking with your metal recyclers nearby.

    You’re right, Kim – there have been thefts like that around here too. I can’t stand the thought of that beautiful objet d’art being melted down… -kris

  4. That’s terrible! It’s hard to secure outdoor artwork without destroying the aesthetics of it. I hope you get it back.

    I have visions of everything being held to the ground with giant chains and padlocks. It’s not pretty. -kris

  5. I’ve heard about thefts of plants at public gardens but never of hardscaping. Good grief! I sure hope you recover it and the police nab the thief.

    Me too! -kris

  6. So someone actually waded into the water to steal it? Insane! I’ve had a few plastic pots taken from my yard this year (but I figure it’s kids doing it just to see if they can), but nothing valuable. I’m so sorry that some idiot did this.

    Heather, it probably wasn’t that hard to take though I thought about looking for someone with wet cuffs too. -kris

  7. That is appalling! I hope the responsible party is visited with pestilence and plague!

    My sentiments exactly, Layanee. (I’m not feeling at all charitable.) -kris

  8. How awful, Kris. Who would do such a dastardly thing? Grrrrrrr! Hope you will be getting it back soon.

    Yolanda, It must have been either a rogue, a rascal or a total dastard who was creepy enough to steal something for him/herself that everybody had gotten to enjoy before its disappearance. -kris

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