Some like it hot…

… but most spring flowers don’t. It hasn’t yet reached the temperature that was forecast for today (82!) but it’s definitely warmer than most things want to be so early in spring. As much as I hate to have to say it, the daffodils are now officially past their peak. Not to worry though because […]

What month is this?

The Mayflower (Korean spicebush/Viburnum carlesii) is in bloom along with the tulips – which makes me think it must be May … but there’s snow in the forecast (a very slight chance) for Sunday … That can only signify that we’re still solidly in April. Whatever month it is, it’s a beauty. It’s not often […]

Reward after taxes

Whether you just filed last night or spent your refund check on groceries weeks ago, you deserve to treat yourself to another thing in life (besides death, heaven forbid!) that’s certain:  Thousands of daffodils blooming in concert at Blithewold.  I think I pretty much called it when I said they’d peak around the end of […]

Easily sidetracked

No matter what I set out to do, something else always grabs me. All gardeners are familiar with this phenomenon (and some have already written winningly about it!). I went into the greenhouse with every intention of shifting pots from bench to bench in an attempt at organization. It was inevitable really that I’d discover […]

Manic Monday

(“wish it was Sunday”) But it rained all over “funday” – somewhere between 2 and 4 inches for the weekend. There’s always plenty to do on Monday to get (dis)organized for the week. This week we’re planting. (That is going to start sounding like a broken record!) We’ll fork rain-mushed tulips out of the cutting […]