The axis of summer

In a way it’s a little strange that this seems (maybe especially to non-gardeners) to be the hub of our gardening year – that all of our efforts revolve around this very point.  We know that’s not true at all and yet… We plan and plant and starting right about now or a couple of […]


Every so often I find I’m struck by a new color – something that was a “meh” only last year or even just yesterday becomes the best thing ever. It figures that I would choose the most brilliantly perfect, cloudless, sunny day we’ve had so far to show off my new favorite. – It’s a […]

Bee-lated update

I’ve been meaning to tell you about Fred and Dan’s discovery for a few weeks now but keep getting distracted by garden tours, award worthy blooms, days off and other shiny things. A month or two ago I bemoaned that the wild honeybee colony living in the hive near the greenhouse must have succumbed to […]

Plants are my favorite people

It was Lilah’s suggestion when she first saw the sea of pink peony poppies (voted Most Flirtatious) in full bloom in the Cutting Garden that I do a Superlatives post. Since I spent high school trying to escape detection, I never properly appreciated the value of yearbook superlatives – “most popular” I was not; though […]