En route

Last weekend it seemed like a switch had been flipped and the dinge of winter was replaced by bright emerald – at least underfoot.  And the dimmer-switch of daffodils, forsythia and other harbingers of spring is all of a sudden being turned up and up and up. Those of you who received the Blithewold spring […]


Nearly everyone is badmouthing the weather.  We are all, universally it seems, ready for spring by which we might all mean summer.  We want to be warm now and surrounded by green growth and flowers now.  We’re ready!  Even Gail and I, enveloped as we are in the greenhouse by warmth and growing plants, need […]

Up cloche

The other day Gail brought in the new terrarium book  – which happens to be called The New Terrarium: Creating Beautiful Displays for Plants and Nature by Tovah Martin.  I haven’t read a word of it yet but Kindra Clineff’s photos set off a whole new lust in me.  I will just have to figure […]

Warm welcome

It was an Out Like a Lamb kind of day yesterday and we spent a portion of it in the mansion’s dining room with as many of the garden volunteers as we could coax into a sit-back-and-relax luncheon.  I can’t possibly convey how tough it is to get this group to not work!  Even though […]