Stellar weekend

Hey, what’s that thing up there that’s all bright and making me feel kind of warmish? Could it be…? No… I don’t believe it. Yes – it’s true – the sun’s out! Yesterday’s gale dried off the daffodils and blew away the rain clouds and left us today with a bright blazing blue, a whole […]

It just keeps getting better

Last night’s rain may have made a few of the daffodils face-plant but it brought out that delicious fragrance of spring that put the visual beauty almost in the background.  Almost.  I would have closed my eyes – I did for a minute maybe – but there’s still so much coming out that I couldn’t […]

Reward after taxes

Whether you just filed last night or spent your refund check on groceries weeks ago, you deserve to treat yourself to another thing in life (besides death, heaven forbid!) that’s certain:  Thousands of daffodils blooming in concert at Blithewold.  I think I pretty much called it when I said they’d peak around the end of […]

Dilly Dally

The past couple of days have been on the brutally chilly side but I’ve seen quite a few bundled up people lingering on the grounds anyway.  The reward is that spring is dallying while it opens, taking its cue from the sun.  The daffodils are out more and more – I’d say they’ll be about […]