‘Tis the gift

How many of us want to keep it simple for the holidays?  Especially now.  I, for one have been shamed out of wanting to shop by the atrocious behavior of fellow consumers.  And aren’t we all feeling a little pinched money wise this year?  I’d love to keep Christmas simple and for me that means […]

Baubles that sparkle

I’m stuck on a baublular theme because I have to rave about what Fred and Dan have hung from the trees this year.  Each year the staff, volunteers and visitors are surprised by yet another spectacular light show – from a star topped Giant Sequoia one year, to a Ginkgo with huge “fruit”, to last […]


‘Tis the season to hang stuff from branches – even the trees are doing it!  – Hey, maybe that’s where Martha and the rest of us got the idea…  And when the trees drop their decorations, I think it’s totally fair game for us to pick some of it up and hang it somewhere else. […]