The house is full of ghosts today With happy going to and fro – They swim and sing and laugh and play This joyous group from years ago. Aunt Bessie and the Commodore Two dear and gracious souls, I say – Are wilcoming their guests once more, Just as they did it yesterday. A wedding […]

Rearranging the furniture

Gail and I look at the North Garden all summer with very critical eyes and every year by this time we’re like discontented apartment dwellers – desperate to clear the clutter and rearrange the furniture.   The North Garden is a kind of living room (pun intended, of course) at Blithewold – or a chapel […]

Fall feast

It might all be eye candy but it’s delicious outside!  Yesterday was one of those amazing, quintessentially New England, fall days – cloudless cerulean sky framing the blazing end of the earth’s color spectrum – and I ate it up.  As soon as I could, I hightailed it out of the greenhouse (where spray mounted […]

Jack’s back

Mother Nature must have kicked Jack Frost out of bed this morning because he came by bright and early to nip our roses (and a few noses and other posies).  Gail and I tried to remember when frost first hit here last year and although she had a frost at her house right before Halloween, […]

Cutting Garden new year’s day

The William F. and M. Kathleen Church Cutting Garden (I love using its whole name) went full circle yesterday – from spring’s tulips to spring’s tulips.  Last Tuesday, after cutting buckets of bouquets from the still blooming garden, the Deadheads made quick work of clearing out the beds.  Toni, a volunteer who claims to be […]