No time like the present

I am often asked, usually when I’m away from work, when would be the best time to visit Blithewold.  And of course I say, “It’s always a good time to visit Blithewold!  Why aren’t you there right now?”  I really do think there’s always something beautiful to see to make a visit worthwhile.  But. There’s […]

Propagating tips

It’s time to think about next year’s garden.  (When isn’t it time to think about next year’s garden?!)  Last week Gail cleaned out the cutting bench, filled it fresh with new perlite and we’ve both started hoarding plants for next year’s garden.  Even into my 5th year here, I still don’t feel that confident about […]

Sow happy

I think there’s a whole lot of “necessary” and not a lot of “evil” (see the previous post) when it comes to seed annuals.  It’s true that they cost the moon as pushed plants in 4″ pots at garden centers but if you plant them as nature intended – as seeds, they cost beans.  Play […]

All good things …

… aren’t coming to an end just yet!  Just because school buses are stopping traffic and old fashioned fashionistas are shooting poison daggers at anyone who dares to wear white, it doesn’t mean summer is over.  Not by a long shot.  Or at least a good month on this edge of the world. I know […]