Fall fling

The gardens were a little soggy yesterday.  I could hear the ground actually percolating in places where it wasn’t ankle deep in mud.  There’s nothing like a weekend of non-stop rain (the rain gauge overflowed at 5″…) to make little fungi-brellas pop up everywhere and some plants looked like someone extra large had sat upon […]

Fall roses

If you missed Fall Gardeners Day at Blithewold last weekend then I’m sorry to say you missed Mike Chute’s info packed lecture on roses and, I for one, learned something new.  – But then again I always learn something from anyone with a favorite subject to teach.  With roses in particular I feel like I […]

Julie’s harvest

Down by the compost enclosure and Dick’s vegetable garden, there is a bed dedicated to Julie-favorite eats and I got caught there on my walk this morning.  I must confess that I probably stopped for a full 10 minutes to graze on her ground cherries (Physalis sp.).  Last year, Julie bought ground cherries (also known […]

Aerial view

We know a gardener whose most sublime view of her garden is from the bathtub on the second floor of her house.  From there she can look down on her borders laid out like blankets of color.  The last time we took a bird’s eye look at the Display Garden was in 2005 when the […]

September blooms

It’s time once again for a blooming Blithewold inventory and a mid month visit to blooming gardens around the world.  Garden Bloggers Bloom day is still graciously hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens (Check out Carol’s Bloom Day post and scroll through the comments section to visit other gardens).  I took a look at […]