Looking forward

We can’t – or at least don’t – always live in the moment. The past is good to revisit sometimes for what it can teach us (you know what they say about hindsight and all) and it’s exciting to cast ahead to the future. Right now I’m slightly single minded about the coming week — […]

It’s easy being green …

… with envy! Today dawned as an envious day – the kind of day that calls out for a sit in a shady sea breeze with a fistfull of watermelon and an icy lemonade. How serendipitous then that today was the day Nick (a.k.a. Nick the Willing) opened his house and gardens to us and […]

Garden music – part 2 (dissonance)

Sometimes the garden resembles a well thought out mix-tape that keeps you swaying and singing and other times it looks like we put the ipod on shuffle. Sometimes the needle hits a scratch or we just can’t find the right song to follow the daylilies. I think it’s one of the reasons we keep gardening […]

Music to my eyes

Sometimes when I’m doing something tedious like watering I’ll get a random song on repeat in my head – usually a catchy ditty that I can’t stand and can’t tune out and I never know all the words so I can’t cut the loop. I am plagued by ear worms! But today I saw music […]

Wishing well

No rain in sight. The thunderstorms that have been in the forecast periodically haven’t materialized for us in Bristol since a month ago in June. It’s dry dry dry and even the pond has emptied already just as if it’s sprung a leak. The watering rotations have begun in earnest. I feel sort of hyper […]