I’m melllllllllting!

And the plants are too. For the last few days we’ve been hit by summer like a sucker punch to the gut with no chance to acclimate – one day it was chilly sweater weather; the next sent us gasping to our storage closets to find a pair of shorts that still fit. Even though […]

“It’s the people”

Marjorie Shaw Jeffries, recipient of the Marjorie Van Wickle Lyon Award at Wednesday night’s Annual Meeting said that it has taken her a long time to figure out why everyone feels so strongly about Blithewold. And she grew up loving this place! Marjorie Jeffries is Marjorie Van Wickle Lyon’s niece, Augustine Van Wickle Shaw’s daughter […]

Many hands –

– make light work, so the saying goes. I totally agree! I just read a blog post here by veggie garden guru Barbara Damrosch in which she shares a how-to put your houseguests to work in the garden. What a great idea! I can imagine plying my friends with promises of a super refreshing beverage […]