Two minds

Gail and I have been thinking about the big new bed in the Display Garden at least since last year. We shifted all of the keepers out of the Idea Beds last fall to make way for the new bed and then waited (im)patiently for the guys to dig it all up, re-grade, re-sod, place […]

Temporary solutions

The guys wasted no time finding a replacement fountain vase among old Christmas decorations in the barn. Although it’s a perfect fit and we’re all impressed with their quick thinking and ingenuity, it’s not perfect and we’re still madly hoping to get Blithewold’s beautiful original back. It’s sad to think that even if the urn […]

All Points Bulletin!

We noticed yesterday that one of our favorite fountain features was stolen and we are all sick about it. The copper Art Nouveau urn with a lotus motif was purchased for the original North Garden in 1908. We are offering a $500 reward for information leading to its return so please keep your eyes peeled! […]

Totally tuliped out

I think we outdid ourselves with tulips this year – we planted 300 (Angelique and Cool Crystal) in and around the Rose Garden and 600 (Cistula, Blushing Beauty, Black Hero and Creme Upstar) in the North – not to mention a cutting bed full of them. And they were spectacular! It was the perfect tulip […]


You all know by now that I love taking plant portraits. I especially like the up-the-skirt close-ups, the Georgia O’Keefe abstracts and the soft focus glamour shots. The wide angle shots are harder to compose (except in the Water Garden where every vista is painting perfect); labels stick me in the eye and hoses are […]