Spring in our step

I could tell this morning, when the birds were louder than the chuckle and siss of my coffee maker, that spring has sprung officially and certainly, no doubt about it. It even seemed almost a little easier to bounce out of bed this morning. Now that the forsythia is in full bloom I think it’s […]

Open for business

Vacation week is perfectly timed this year or else it’s the daffs that are right on time. No matter if you think that spring is early or late this year, it’s surely happening now. And it’s Garden Bloggers Bloom Day (hosted by gracious Carol of May Dreams Gardens)! It’s all blooms all the time from […]

Tell it like it is

I think gardeners as a rule don’t beat around the bush. We’re more likely to dish the dirt. And what’s the point of sugar coating when our world is already so delicious? I haven’t yet met a gardener who isn’t vociferously opinionated and fickle as a five year old. And it takes one to know […]

Take your vitamins

I got a full dose of vitamin D yesterday – I think everyone here did. It was our first short-sleeve warm sunny day and it seemed like the world was out taking deep sips. I know that I should have been suited up in a wide brimmed hat with plenty of brand new sunscreen slathered […]

Drive by

I think most gardeners don’t need to be reminded to stop and smell the proverbial roses. But according to this Pulitzer Prize winning article written last year by Gene Weingarten of the Washington Post, a lot of people are too busy for roses – even when the roses are world class violinists. Over a thousand […]