Can of worms

Like most people who have eyes and ears and minds that are open, I learn something new every day – but sometimes it’s good to get out and actually be “schooled”. Now that the gardens aren’t commandeering every moment of our time and every scrap of energy in our minds and bodies, we can give […]

Undoings (plus blooms)

I can’t let a 15th of any month go by anymore without a peruse for blooms for Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day – now a year old at May Dreams Gardens! This time of year it’s not easy to find outdoor blooms – I actually can’t tell if the hellebore is blooming today or still fully […]


I think winter’s gone upside down for the moment. Less than a week ago I posted this about an honest to goodness arctic-like morning where my fingers felt like they might fall off and I couldn’t hide my nose deep enough in my scarf to keep mean Jack from biting. This week the temperatures in […]

Save the dates

  I think one of the best things about January is getting to flip through the blank pages in a crisp new calendar and writing in the stuff of life. (Yes, I’m easily amused.) I like to write things like “fly to Paris”, “sunny, warm – bees are out”, and “Bonsai workshop 10:30-12″. Blithewold members, […]

8 degrees of fridgidation

I know a lot of you in the world are used to cold weather but this Bristol morning’s wicked cold temps felt remarkable to me! And just to prove it, I took my camera to the water for a couple of shots of the harbor boil, rimy ice on the rocks and the wind that […]