Best intentions

  Just as soon as the dust has settled from the frenzy of December 25 and even before all of the gifts we’ve been given have found a permanent place in our homes (and gardens!) and hearts we have the fresh start of a new year to consider and plan. Some people (are you one?) […]

Be light

    The Holidays are perfectly timed. Long before there was a Christmas Day everyone knew a wintertime festival was just what we gardeners need. Some of us feel defeated by dormancy, stressed by frenzied consumerism, chilled to the bone and blue. But winter gives us a much needed chance to rest and recharge (it’s […]

Name that plant

  Everything has a name. And thank goodness because it’s so much easier that way. Just think if Linnaeus hadn’t shared his system for classifying everything we’d have to identify things through a key-full of qualifiers (you know that tree with the leaves? – No, not that one – I mean the one with the […]

White coat of many colors

Snow snow snow! And a Garden Blogger’s Bloomday (hosted by Carol at May Dreams Gardens) a day early. I practically wore out the shutter of my little camera taking pics yesterday and today (I think I could smell it smoking…) so here are an end of the week bunch. As always, hover over the pictures […]

Two mornings and “winter interest”

Yesterday morning and today couldn’t have been more different. Purple drizzle clouds and bitter mist yesterday have moved over for a rime covered sparkle today. Admittedly it was less pleasant walking out in yesterday’s damp rag than today’s crisp apple but if my camera doesn’t lie, both mornings were gorgeous. I thought about “planting for […]