Odds and addENDumS

  Can everyday be Action Day? There are bandwagons all over the place that I want to jump on. Here is a post about the three R’s (reduce, reuse, recycle) that reminded me to rave that Fred and Dan, Blithewold’s groundsmen are expert at Reusing/Recycling. They took sills from the old greenhouse when it was […]

Blog Action and blooms

  Blog Action Day and Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day are two for one subjects for my post today. Read on for Action and click on for bigger images and names of what’s in bloom (I don’t think the subjects are unrelated!) Nearly 16,000 voices are speaking on blogs all over the world wide interweb today […]

Poor baby

This week we’ve had cool nights, a little rain, and no frost yet but the garden is just beginning to have a tattered Fall fading Miss Havesham Raggedy Annie sort of look to it. I’ve always had a soft spot for those characters and I am as facinated with the coming apart at the seams […]


All good things must come to an end? That’s definitely not my kind of philosophy but it was a little bit true in the Display Garden today. The mansion is closed for the season and it’s time for us to start working on next year’s gardens: Hopefully, if funds and weather allow, Fred and Dan […]

Shorefortened -I mean foreshortened!- Friday

Today dawned damp and foggy. Whenever the air and water temperatures duke it out, we get horizonless vistas, amplified sounds and a glimpse of the world wide spiderwebs — rather than obliviously crashing into spidy infrastructure, this morning we could see all of the guy wires and danced the limbo through the bosquet. We’re getting […]