An eye out for Creepy

I went looking for Halloween this morning. I think I found it. Mary’s Tupelo (Nyssa sylvatica) is dressed in red rags for the costume party. And the Jerusalem artichokes (Helianthus tuberosus) looked like a legion of ghouls advancing out of the mist… Creepy lives in the weeping trees. The family might not have actually buried […]

End of the (baseball) season

No doubt about it, Blithewold’s fairies are Red Sox fans. They set up this satellite dish in time to catch the World Series and no one but this toadstool was out and about this morning after last night’s fairy celebratory revelry. We believe!   It’s somehow fitting that last night was also the first night […]


Sometimes, it’s the pockets of lovely that catch and hold my eye rather than the grand view. In my own garden, the whole isn’t as pleasing (yet) as some of the little things here and there. And rather than feel disappointed in the grand view, I’m magnetically drawn in to the pretty parts and could […]

Waxing poetic

An Australian priest living in New Bedford, MA sent Blithewold’s executive director a poem and she encouraged me to share it. Fr. Sharbel said he was inspired to write this (as yet untitled) poem titled “Deight” after walking around Blithewold with a friend this summer:   Seeds planted long ago Have now become a splendid […]

Terrariums are cool (again)

    Do you remember the 1970’s? I have hazy orange and brown memories of fads like macrame, yoga, clogs, avocado colored kitchen appliances, silk-screened monochrome bull’s-eye wallhangings, and houseplant jungles. What goes around comes around. For some, bell bottoms and backyard vegetable gardens never went out of style. Others of us rediscover trends and […]