Obsessive and Compulsive

Weekends seem so narrow to me that, although I truly love my job (and feel my luck for loving it), I still get slightly whiney Sunday evenings about having to get up the next day (already? so soon?!) and go back to work. What can cut my blues off at the knees though is thinking […]

Photo op Friday

Visitors have been asking about a very late blooming, very tall, very floriferous daylily blooming just now in the North Garden. It was purchased probably 20 or so years ago from Tranquil Lake Nursery in Rehobeth, MA and we think it’s either ‘Autumn King’ or ‘Wee Willie Winkie’. ‘Autumn King’ is the taller of the […]


Late August. The annuals are up to speed or off the road, the perennials have shown their colors or given us a good hint of what’s to come and it’s time to assess the success of the gardens. Gail and I spent a good part of yesterday afternoon cruising the gardens and picking them apart […]