I went to my happy place

It’s important sometimes to go someplace else when unpleasant things are happening. Yesterday I was in the dentist’s chair and while my dentist leaned on my lower lip and reached fists and sharp things into my mouth parts, I did my darnedest to go back to work. (How lucky am I that one of my […]

Fashionably late

I’m a day late for the Garden Blogger’s Bloom Day party! If you feel like a little web crawling, click on the link above to see what’s blooming (as of yesterday) all over the country and even out into the wide world. It’s amazing to see the summer progress at different speeds! I went out […]

Heralds of summer

I could have sworn I heard my first cicada yesterday. It was that kind of blazing hot day you’d expect to hear a chorus of them. So maybe I heard it through wishful thinking (auditory halucination) because I haven’t heard it again! There are a few things that herald full summer for me and that’s […]


It was blissfully peasoupy this morning – a sauna bath still but a welcome relief to the scorching asphyxia of the last couple of days. I love the sounds of fog – amplified birds, dripping tree percussion and fogbound ship’s blasts and foghorn echoes. The siren songs lured me on a long early ramble past […]

(nearly) Free Advice

What do you do when you don’t know what to do? Who do you turn to for advice? Your mom? Your best friend? Your life-coach? What if you don’t know what to do in your garden? Who do you turn to then? Over at the Garden Rant blog I found a post and a link […]