I scream for sun screen

It’s probably too late for me. Smooth, milky white skin just isn’t in the cards. I’m young enough that I grew up wearing sunscreen at the beach – but old enough that it was bright orange oil called suntan lotion and had an SPF of 4. Now I slather on tablespoons of SPF 30 a […]

Every day is Bloom Day!

The Annual Meeting is behind us, the (monthly) Garden Soirees are before us, visitors visit daily and the blooms must go on! I know I’m not the only one who tidies madly at home for invited guests and then slacks off the dusting when it’s just me and mine eating in. At Blithewold though – […]

Getting spiffed

This past week everyone on the staff has had a certain look on their face – a focused, single-minded and frenzied sort of glaze – because Blithewold’s Annual Meeting is tonight. And everything must. be. perfect! Reports were written and rewritten, speeches have been practiced (“I want to thank the Academy…”), smart looking outfits have […]

Something Completely Different

Honk if foundation plantings make you cringe! There’s no doubt about it, it’s difficult to live in the world and not at least have a neighbor with Yertle the Turtle style bubble shrubberies flanking their front door. (I love Dr. Seuss!…) But there’s definitely a trick to creating a foundation planting that doesn’t say “Hello, […]

Will Work For Baked Goods

I really enjoy working with each group of volunteers and I missed out a little this week. We called off the volunteers on Tuesday because of Monday’s torrential rain and I was lashed to my desk on Wednesday. But Thursday!! We all got underneath the chestnut rose — everyone was poked in the nogg by […]