Look out! – There are Artists in the garden!

Some of them are obvious – the plein air painters are given away by their clever folding easel contraptions, fistfulls of brushes and color smeared canvases. But there are other Artists lurking and working in the garden and you’d never know it … These secret Artists also might not be inclined to call their particular […]

Stupid Hot

It wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t hurt to breathe! It’s 81 degrees in the potting shed right now and the humidity is only around 70%. But for June it’s hot! And visibility is down to stupid and Rhode Islanders have been warned not to breathe-in this afternoon due to stupidly elevated ozone levels. […]

Sunshiney days

We ran from full-tilt planting, past Go, to marathon watering. There have been these strings of spectacularly sunny and breezy days, so crisp it seems like it’s possible to see all the way to the Azores. Not a normal June altogether! (But then again what’s normal? – Last June we had deluge after deluge…) After […]

…envision a world…

In a comment on my last post, a good friend of mine spoke (rather eloquently, I thought) about a dreamy, different sort of world than the one we inhabit now. He said, “i envision a world in which … everything in the form of entertainment comes from real people right in front of you, and […]

I scream (for sunscreen), part 2

I am constantly on the hunt for the right-tool-for-the-job and both Gail and I have amassed an array of sunscreen that is starting to resemble a pharmacy shelf display and is draining our wallets. Last week one of our volunteers brought in a copy of a Consumer Reports article that rates all the sunscreens (Neutrogena […]