the elves

It’s already been a weird week of elfish triumph, freakish nature and things that nightmares are made of. First the triumphs: our garden elves and selves yesterday planted the cutting garden and spread leaf mulch (every one of us was eyeing it jealously – why can’t we all have arboretum leaves for our own gardens?!) […]

Perfect start

I wonder if everyone had as glorious a Memorial Day weekend as we had here in sunny RI? Every nursery and garden center I passed by seemed packed with color – both human and floral. Local nurseries have a lot to contend with – sales are fair-weather driven/dependant and competition is fierce. I was happy […]

Welcome Summer!

Memorial Day is the official opening of the summer season – especially in New York resort towns like Rhode Island – and today’s weather, instead of being an appropriately crisp (or rainy) farewell to Spring, is a muggy slide into the middle of Summer. We had our chance yesterday to acclimatize – it was only […]

It’s about time

The North Garden is done! (pretty much. for today, anyway. mostly.) Yesterday on the way over with carts full of plants in nursery pots, Gail and I remembered almost at the same moment that we had intended to borrow just a few more things from the Idea Beds for the North. According to Gail, Sheila […]