Daffodil Update

The same patch of daffs that was opening up last week is still in a state of suspended animation due to the decidedly winterish temps. Most of the rest of the Narcissus in the Bosquet are snuggly budded and will probably wake bright-eyed sometime during the 3rd week in April. It’s so great when the […]

anxiety (and serenity)

For anyone who might be inclined to think that gardeners don’t ever suffer stress and anxiety, allow me to burst the bubble! It’s Spring. The season of renewal and awakening and limitless potential. There’s so much potential out there I want to tuck up under the potting bench where it maybe can’t find me! But […]

The First Daffodils!

They’re baaaaa-aack! These are the very first daffs in the Bosquet to peek out! It’s early days and pretty chilly. Temperatures in the 40’s will keep them from opening too quickly – it’s a florist’s refridgerator out there right now. Stay tuned – the show will begin soon!

Welcome Spring!

I can’t imagine a better day for Blithewold’s first blog post: it’s a rainy Monday at the very start of Spring! Welcome to Blithewold’s new garden weblog! Last week we started the big spring tidy-up in the gardens. A small representation from Tuesday’s volunteer group (the Deadheads) had it easy: They transplanted seedlings and potted […]