Drop everything!

Whoa – hey. My eyes are squinty! What’s happening? — Hold on, I remember this — could it be?… It IS! THE SUN’S OUT!!! Everybody up and at’em! Let’s go! Just look at the sun glinting on the (brandnewly working again after years of not!) North Garden fountain! The Daffodils will surely not be long […]

dirty weather

Nor’easters tend to stick around like a tedious dinner guest and this one is definitely over staying its welcome. This week is probably a wash and the ground is still pretty squishy (with rain in the forecast through Thursday, the property might be wellie worthy for days.) Good news is, the rock and water gardens […]

The Nor’easter

Water, water everywhere! High tide this morning was HIGH. When I drove in this morning I wondered “what the heck is that is out in the bay?…” It was the GARDEN. There’s nothing like a big storm to infuse a little drama in the daily slog. I would say that last night’s storm wasn’t pretty […]

We’re ready!

The gardens have all had their spring clean-up and Julie, Gail and I even got to the Rose Garden’s east side climbing roses today! Pruning climbers isn’t rocket science but it’s definitely tricky and totally stickery! Each plant was thinned out to a half dozen or so newer canes and those canes were cut way […]