right… about… NOW!

Every time I walk the propery, I think it just can’t get any prettier. But I have to say, after walking around this morning, the daffodils must finally be peaking — it’s gorgeous out there! I looked back at last year’s calendar and they’re definitely about 2 weeks behind but like a box office smash, […]

What to do on a rainy day

Gail and I always choose the dirtiest days to go “shopping”. We set aside Friday mornings in late April and early May to go to nurseries to buy the plants we don’t grow ourselves – and to scout for plants we didn’t know we need… For some reason it seems like it always rains – […]

Rise and shine!

Spring is happening so quickly with this warm weather spell! Everywhere I look here there are things waking up with a stretch saying “mmm… what’s for breakfast?!”. The Magnolia stellata (Star magnolia) is rising with the sun from the top down. The water garden ferns are uncurling (exept for this fuzzy little guy is still […]

Hold onto Spring

What a weekend, huh?! I’ll bet I wasn’t the only one who didn’t get any housework done… But with temperatures rocketted to the 70’s after months in the freezings, summer seems like it might be lurking around the corner and I, for one, don’t want to miss spring! (excuses, excuses…) It’s perfect weather for taking […]

Nothing but blue skies!

Spring has sprung — for real this time! Here’s a few things that have been happening here today: The pumphouse is getting a much needed (and ever so slightly overdue) fresh paint job! Gail and Dan and I cleared storm runoff from the rock garden but it’s still so soggy down there I’m sorry to […]